champagne dreams and miniature wishes

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Those of you that follow me on Facebook might remember a while back when I linked to this little craft project here

I was mildly obsessed with it, and for a multitude of reasons. 

For one, I *love* bentwood chairs

I wish I could have a big long farmhouse table surrounded by a mismatched array of them in my kitchen. Alas, our kitchen is way too small. But a girl can dream...

Secondly, I love miniatures. (I feel like it's pretty nerdy to admit that...But heck, it's not like I'm holding stuff back around here...)

Once when I was younger, my family went on vacation to Chicago and we visited the Art Institute of Chicago Museum and viewed a collection of miniature rooms. Basically, they were just little displays of dollhouse furniture, except way better, because each room looked like a highly stylized abode straight out of the pages of Architectural Digest. The collector/designer of the rooms (Mrs. James Ward Thorne) had rooms of furniture from all decades and style periods. And each was more intricate than the next. I still remember one room that was sort of a 1920's Art Deco style Manhattan apartment that was covered in frosted glass and sleek black furniture and bright crisp white. Although I would never decorate my own home this way, I thought the room was beautiful, and far and away my favorite. 

(Update: I found the link to the image after I had written the room description. Apparently the room is actually a reproduction of a 1930's English Drawing Room.) 

Thirdly, I love this little project because it's a great way to create a memento from a special time/event in your life. And that's the sort of project that I'm all about.

So after celebrating New Year's Eve in extremely tame fashion (on our couch watching old episodes of Auction Hunters...is it weird that I like this show?), I used the wire cage from our bottle of champagne to create my own little miniature.

The chair, for such a little guy, ended up being a lot more difficult than I anticipated, (With all the bending of wires and such...), but in the end I wound up with a half-way decent chair, and a much better technique for next time. 

So bring on the champagne...I've got a lot of chairs to make...

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